Things That Only Pet Parents Would Understand

pet parent

“Being a pet parent is fun, yet it is not all peaches and cream.”

We asked hundreds of pet owners and here are the common denominators we have found.

Toys and All Things Cute

When we shop online, those advertisements of cute little stuff for our pet seem always irresistible. Sometimes we hoard too much of them that we have to buy storage just for this cute stuff. We know that they’ll end up as clutters, but they are cute so we buy them anyway.

Separation Anxiety is a True Pain

Pet owners hate to leave their furry friends especially when it’s time to go to work. Seeing them mercilessly beg for attention with all the tail-wagging and facial expressions, make the experience even more painful. And if we are going on a long vacation in Amsterdam canal tour, our mind wanders thinking about them. Though we know that separation anxiety has to be dealt with, a part of us likes it, because it goes to show how much our baby loves us.

Pet-Friendly Places are Heaven-Sent

petWe love to bond with our furry friends. If we could just take them everywhere we go, we will go the extra mile just to have these moments. Pet-friendly malls, restaurants, and hotels are heaven-sent. Even going to these places would cost us extra bucks, we will still go for it. These are the things we would do for love.

Fireworks Used to Be Fun

New years eve can be traumatizing for our furry friends especially with all the loud noises around. Fireworks used to be fun but seeing our furry friend shake out of fear makes us want to hate it. Some pet owners admitted that they would go to cheap night Amsterdam when there is a special event in their neighborhood just to save their pet from the trauma.

Getting Worried About Symptoms
Have you ever used rental cars coupon code & discounts just to take an emergency trip to the vet, because your dog is showing troublesome symptoms? You are not alone. Pet owners know when there is something wrong with their furry friend. They google the symptoms and end up getting more worried.

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